May 25, 2024

“Angel Gabriel” Now Available in e-book

It was January 9, 1997. Outside of her home in Monroe, Michigan, it was cold, windy and snowing. Inside, Joy LaPlante was counting her blessings for a warm house and thinking how glad she was that she didn’t have to go outside.  Joy was startled by the sound of her phone ringing. It was her good friend Honey.

“Joy, did you hear what happened?” “No. What?” she answered.

Angel Gabriel, a true story by author Joy LaPlante“I turned on my police scanner,” Honey continued, her voice serious. “Joy, there has been a plane crash!”

Joy felt her heart sink as Honey continued, “They’re saying it’s in a field in Ida.”

What follows is the true story in the aftermath of Comair crash 3272, the only major, commercial airline crash in the United States in 1997 and the first incident following the crash of TWA 800. Originally written and self-published in 1999 by author Joy LaPlante, “Angel Gabriel – A True Story” has been updated and re-released in all e-book formats by publishing house All Star Press.

“When I wrote the book, I just sat down and wrote it,” explained Joy.  “I just told the story of my experience with the Angel Gabriel.  I never thought in a million years I would write a book and become a published author.  It is just something that happened.  I am just a simple woman who told my story, in my own words, to help spread the message.”

Offered at the introductory price of only $2.97, “Angel Gabriel – A True Story” is now available in all e-book formats from leading retailers, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and direct from the publisher at

Buy Now Only $2.97 in PDF format direct from the publisher.

Book reviewers and bloggers should contact the publisher at to request a copy.

About All Star Press

All Star Press is a print and digital publishing firm based out of Tarpon Springs, Florida with a specialization in e-books.  Founded in 2011, All Star Press is the publisher of 10 books, including “Sleep Great for Life,” “The Road to Recovery” and “Getting Seen.” The firm publishes in both print and e-book formats. Learn more at

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