May 25, 2024

One of the first books published by All Star Press was Sheryl Crosier’s story about her son.  Entitled “I Am Not a Syndrome – My Name is Simon” the book detailed the difficult situations that the Crosier family endured in the weeks and months following the birth of their son Simon in 2010.

Simon was born with Trisomy 18, a genetic disorder.  To the parents’ shock and dismay a DNR (do not resusitate) order was placed in Simon’s medical records without their consent or knowledge.  This startling incident eventually led the Crosier family to push for legislation so that no other family would have to go through such a terrible incident.

Through her connections with the organization S.O.F.T., Sheryl eventually got in contact with Kansas legislators who submitted Kansas House bill 2307. The Kansas House of Representatives voted 121-3 on March 30, 2017 in favor of Simon’s Law. The Senate approved it earlier in a 29-9 vote, and the bill was then sent to Gov. Sam Brownback.

The first law of its kind in the nation, Simon‘s Law will mandate the following:

1. Parents receive written and verbal notification before a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) is placed in a child’s medical file. Parents can then allow the order– or refuse it orally or in writing. Court access for disputes is delineated and the child remains safe during resolution.

2. Parents and prospective patients of any age have the right to request and receive hospital policies concerning “denial of life-saving care.”  There is no mandate that hospitals have such policies.

“There is so much more to this story than reading of a little boy’s journey,” stated Pat Jonas, President and Co-founder of  the Australian Rare Chromo Awareness Network (ARCAN). “It is learning about the legacy for which he was here. Simon will live on in the hearts of many and I feel he truly has a place in mine. I don’t see Simon’s life as a tragedy but as a beautiful blessing. God knew what he was doing when he helped to choose Simon’s parents, for they are the ones who will bring his mission to its full potential.”

I Am Not a Syndrome - My Name is SimonWe congratulate the Crosier family for their fortitude in getting this law passed, which will hopefully lead to all states passing similar legislation, and we thank the pro-life Kansas government for taking this step.  To learn more about Simon’s short but amazing life, click here.

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