Black Lack and the Pesky Cat

Black Lack is the Protector of the Night!

Author Nina Carothers and accomplished Children’s book artist Chris Padovano are back with another captivating Color Olors tale! “Black Lack and the Pesky Cat” is a great book, especially for children age 3 – 8 or any child that is afraid of going to sleep or fearful of nighttime.

32 pages full color; published by All Star Press – Books that Change Lives.

Black Lack, he is the protector of the night. 
He checks to make sure everything is alright. 
Out of the bedroom and into the hall, 
Down the stairs, he decides to crawl. 
Window to window, Black Lack does zoom. 
Fast as lightning from room to room. 
A pesky little cat sure gets in the way. 
“Scat cat, scat,” Black Lack does say. 

Black Lack

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Black Lack and the Pesky Cat is ideal for ages 3 through 8, and this work is the seventh in a series of 14 books by author Nina Carothers for publishing house All Star Press – Books that Change Lives. In each book the child learns one or more life lessons.

Each of the books in the series are illustrated by accomplished children’s book artist Chris Padovano.

32 page, full color.

Black Lack

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