July 22, 2024

Libraries and ebooksAccording to a recent survey from the Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group, sales of ebooks more than doubled in 2011 to $2.07 billion for the US publishing industry.

Digital sales grew from $869 million in 2010. Last year, ebooks accounted for roughly 6 percent of overall publishing revenues. The survey also indicated that the number of ebooks doubled to 388 million, and represented 15.5 percent of total books sold in the “trade sector,”  fiction and non-fiction for adults and children.

The most significant gains for ebooks came in adult fiction, which accounted for 30 percent of revenues. Adult fiction sales were up 117 percent and produced $1.27 billion in revenues last year, the data stated. Contrast with overall sales for the publishing industry which managed a slight increase for the year of 0.5 percent at $13.97 billion.

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