May 25, 2024

Imposter Nurse a true storyDenise Crompton, author of “Diagnosis: Rare Disease” has released a novel based on her real-life experience decades ago in New England.  Imposter Nurse is riveting story of a woman named Angie. After moving with her family and getting settled into a quiet, little New England town, Angie feels the desire to go back to work. Her search concludes at the Main Street Nursing Home where she gets hired to work the evening shift. She soon meets fellow nurse Lorraine, and, right from the start, everything she encounters with this caretaker just doesn’t seem right. Before long, Angie is at odds with Lorraine and from there the story takes on several twists and surprises.

This is the second book from author Denise Crompton. She is the author of the five-star rated book Diagnosis: Rare Disease. Both books are publications of All Star Press – Books That Change Lives.

Imposter Nurse is currently only available through the Kindle Store on Amazon.

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