April 19, 2024

See your book as a finished work!

Become a published author and sell books with the help of All Star Press. Contact Rich Nilsen at allstarpress@verizon.net to discuss your needs as an independent and aspiring author. Our focus here at All Star Press is helping authors publish for both print and e-book formats, such as the Kindle and Nook. With our experience in marketing, All Star Press helps authors successfully promote their finished work with a detailed marketing plan.

All Star Press has a business model that is very beneficial to aspiring authors. We are not a “vanity press” that charges authors fees up front to produce their work. We only make money if the author makes money. As a real book publisher All Star Press has a vested interest in the success of our authors.

In this day of ever-changing technology, understanding the e-book industry is key. Every day our team is analyzing the market and learning the best practices for targeting today’s e-book readers.

The simple truth is that most authors are not marketers. Marketing your book effectively is not easy for the overwhelming majority of writers. Let All Star Press help you sell more books by reaching your audience in new ways.

6 thoughts on “Learn More about Publishing

  1. Do you publish Christian focused fiction? I’m writing a story (in a journal/diary format) where the characters are “mostly” Christians, and there are several bible references as well.

    Thank you.


  2. Do you provide illustrators to authors who have written children’s books? Do you charge any fee to the author if their manuscript is accepted by you? Thank you.

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