July 22, 2024

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My Wild Ride by author Susan Bump“My Wild Ride: The Untamed Life of a Girl with No Self-esteem” was released this summer by publishing house All Star Press.  Within three days, the life story of Susan Bump hit the #2 spot within the horse section of the Amazon Kindle store behind the mega-best seller Seabiscuit. The popular book has now been released in paperback form for the first time.

The life story of Susan Bump, although sad at times, is ultimately a story of triumph. The child of two alcoholics, she overcame her tragic family upbringing to pursue her dream of training Thoroughbred racehorses. She rode for some of the best stables in the country and eventually became a trainer at major tracks including Del Mar racecourse.

“Susan and I worked together for many years and I never knew her fascinating story until I read the initial copy of her book,” explained Jude Feld, broadcaster for Horse Racing Radio Network and former Southern California trainer. “She is a magnificent person and knowing the backstory of her life makes you wonder how she could overcome everything she went through.”

“‘My Wild Ride’ is a must read for those who are warmed by feel-good animal stories, who are curious about life at the track, who are challenged by a past that holds them back from experiencing their own self-worth! I laughed, I cried, and found a new respect for the life I live having seen life through the author’s eyes,” stated reader Debbie Joswick.

“This story is absolutely riveting,” explained Debra Lyn Daly. “Anyone struggling to overcome the scars of growing up in a dysfunctional family will be deeply inspired by Susan’s story. I couldn’t put it down!”

There are no dull moments in Susan’s story. The ‘untamed life of a girl with no self-esteem’ offers lots of tears, but lots of laughs, too. Order today, direct from the publisher, for only $17.97 plus free domestic shipping and handling.



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