April 19, 2024

Pie Time with Orange RangeDo you have a child in your life that loves to cook or spend time in the kitchen? This book is for them.

This full-color Children’s book is the eighth book in the series and it features an actual pie recipe that you can bake with your child. Great for ages 3 through 8.  Click on the link below and order this wonderful tale today!

Who is Orange Range you ask? Nine pies are entered into a contest. A judge will declare whose pie is the best. Orange Range is there and ready to bake the grand apple pie that Sally and her make. Hide and Go Seek is the game that they play, while they wait on their pie that bakes today.

As you follow along you, too, can cook the recipe included inside of this book.

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Brown Rown, the 9th book in the adorable Color Olors series of Children’s books

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