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Rich Nilsen is the author of "Sleep Great for Life." He is the President and founder of All Star Press, an independent book publisher out of Tarpon Springs, FL. The mission is to help authors get their work published in both print and the latest e-book technologies, and help those aspiring authors promote their work successfully to the right audiences.

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2 thoughts on “Post your e-book review

  1. I am currently publishing my book, “West Bound Laine” through CreateSpace. I had not heard of your company until I found Susan Bump’s book. She was a student of my husbands. She recently emailed him and we discovered her writing. We were so happy to hear how well she is doing.

    I have a Christmas Story I’d like to get out there. It’s written, but I’m not quite sure of its’ title yet. It will probably “Patchman”. It has to do with a down-and-out musician who walks into a homeless shelter Christmas Eve. He has nothing left in his life after getting into drugs while gigging as a famous sax player. What happens in the shelter is wonderful and heartening.

    It is about 4 pages long.

    Are you accepting short stories? I want to get those published too.

    Your company sounds good. I’d like to know more about it.
    Thanks, Eleanor Russell Brown