May 25, 2024

Quiet Spaces: Hearing God’s Call in a Noisy World

Quiet Spaces by James HaleDo You Want More out of Your Work?

Would you like to learn what your true calling is?

Quiet Spaces by author James Hale teaches you the simple steps to make your work your calling.

There are two types of callings: the loud, drama-filled, unmistakable directions that make the good Bible stories, and the quieter, more subtle, personal nudges meant for one person. These latter ones are not intended for public viewing. They are soft, personal, one-to-one messages from God to someone for whom He has a purpose. Maybe for you.

Of the two, the quieter ones are the more common, but less understood. These are ones that Jesus and so many others experienced in biblical times… and today. It’s these quieter callings I want to talk about for a moment. These are much more subtle than the dramatic ones. These messages cascade gently down from on high, and we do hear them, but we often do not listen to them.

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The great physicist Albert Einstein understood the goodness of God – like most people do – but he also understood the quietness of so many of God’s greatest works and how we often miss his messages or think he’s being elusive or tricky. Einstein observed that “God is subtle, but He is not malicious.” Yes, God is deep and profound, but not devious. Understanding God often baffles and confuses us, but there is no deception, no false path. God places the cookie jar within our sight, and invites us to stretch to reach it, without any traps in the way. He calls to us in quiet, subtle ways, and none of His callings are evil or misguided. There are no tricks, no deceit, no misdirection.

“Any young person who reads this book and follows its suggestions is bound to become a better and happier person.” Bethany Holt – Entrepreneur

“Even though I am past choosing a vocation in life, I still have a road to finish traveling. This book has helped tremendously.” Angela Masters, Retiree

“God often speaks to us in ‘gentle whispers’ (just ask Elijah). Quiet Spaces will prepare you to hear God’s call to your heart. This is another great resources for Christian workers from a great Christian organization–Path Choices.” James Smith- – Senior Minister, Mt Carmel Chirstian Church, Cynthiana, KY and author of “The House that Richard Built”

This powerful book includes a 45-day devotional on career choices. Published in electronic format by All Star Press – Books That Change Lives.


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