May 25, 2024

2012 Derby Analysis
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“2012 Kentucky Derby – Analysis, Selections & Wagering Strategies for Derby 138” is now available!

In this short 24-page ebook you will receive expert handicapper Rich Nilsen’s analysis of each of the 20 starters in Kentucky Derby 138. Each horse is rated as a contender, borderline exotic use, or a throwout. Nilsen includes a value odds line to determine the best horses to wager to win on, and he discusses wagering strategies (including exactas and trifectas) for three different budgets. Published post draw on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

In this Derby guide, you get:

Top Selections

The 2 Horses to Key Wagers around

Value Oddsline

Pace Scenario

Analysis of all 20 horses entered May 5

Wagering Strategies – for 3 different budgets

Download the 2012 Kentucky Derby book now for only $4.97

About the Author

Rich Nilsen caught the horse racing bug at a young age when his father took him to the racetracks in New York. He eventually attended the University of Louisville Equine Business Program with the goal of making a career in the horse racing industry.

Nilsen has worked the past 19 years in the equine industry, serving most of those years as the Marketing Director for and, the Official Wagering Site of the Kentucky Derby. During his long tenure at the Churchill Downs-owned properties, Nilsen managed the successful Players’ Pool syndicate, which pooled funds from the account wagering members to go after large Pick-6 carryovers. The Players’ Pool produced a significant profit for the members over several years. One of the best hits was when the Players’ Pool took down half of the Pick-6 pool on Kentucky Derby Day 2007, with a gross return of over $500,000.

The $2 Million National Handicapping Championship (NHC) is the premier horse racing tournament in the nation. It is basically horse racing’s version of the World Series of Poker, with the main difference being that players cannot buy their way into the NHC. Players can only win their way in via tournaments held throughout the country. Nilsen is one of the top participants in the history of the event, having qualified 10 times. He was the first player, and one of only two, to finish in the top 10 at the NHC twice.

3 thoughts on “Searching for the Kentucky Derby Winner?

  1. Rich, I have been a participant in several of the twinspires players pools you headed. Several times we hit big. Other times, even when we lost, we were always close. And there were many many consolation payouts. Things are different now, though, and I can tell just by glancing at the many trivial tickets, that nothing will come of them. Sure do wish you would come back. Or, in the alternative, sure do wish you could start up another pick 6 syndicate???

    B.J. Nightingale
    your most staunch
    & loyal supporter

    1. B.J.
      Thank you so much for the kind comments. The Players Pool was a lot harder to manage than I think most players (not you) realized, and the results from this past weekend certainly illustrated that. I will keep abreast of any plans I may have. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for spending free time in order to compose “Rich Nilsen’s Kentucky Derby Analysis”. Great picks! Many thanks again, Marilyn

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