May 25, 2024

“Silver Ilver and the Cleft Palate Puppy” is the story of two lovable doggies, Zeus and Mia. This is the 5th book in The Wonderful World of Color Olors series, illustrated by accomplished Children’s book artist Chris Padovano and written by Nina Carothers.  A portion of the proceeds from every book sale benefit The Mia Foundation, which is designed to give animals born with birth defects a fighting chance at life.

Here’s a brief look at the Silver Ilver tale:

A puppy has been born into Silver Ilver’s home.
He does have a problem that is unknown.

Zeus is the name that Silver Ilver gives him.
He is tiny and weak.  His odds look grim.

Inside a special book is where she does read,
a trip to the puppy doctor is needed indeed.

Silver Ilver is determined to save this pup.
With help from a friend she does not give up.

Your child will absolutely love this adorable children’s book!  40-pages full color edition.

Order today. Share the joy and benefit a great puppy foundation in the process.

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