July 22, 2024

New Years Resolutionsby Rich Nilsen,

New Years’ Resolutions – you got to love them. We all have great intentions when we begin the New Year telling ourselves that we are going to do this and do that. We are going to finally get this project done. We are finally going to overcome that vice. We mean well.

I think we all know by now that when it comes to resolutions very few people make it past the first couple of weeks. It’s a sad testament to our lack of discipline and focus.

Well, it’s been almost four weeks into 2012 so that is ample time to evaluate how it goes. The great news is that is not too late to get back on track if we have fallen off course.

Some years I don’t think I even made any resolutions. This year I made several, and overall, I’ve done a pretty good job sticking to the plan. Here are the two keys that I have found helpful:

  • Write down your goals for the New Year
  • Every day review what you have written down

It’s hard to get too far off track when every day you look at reminders about your 2012 resolutions and what your plans are for this year.

There are over 11 months remaining in 2012. Let’s evaluate where we at so far, get back on track if necessary, and stay the course for the new year.

Good luck!

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