April 19, 2024
Mountain View
Are you listening to the mountain's call?

“It’s impossible!” yelled pride.

“It’s risky!” bellowed experience.

“It’s pointless!” howled reason.

“Ignore the others.  Follow the mountain’s call.” whispered the heart.

Today, you will discover your destiny.

Look at your feet and you’ll be surprised to see that right before you there is an unexpected fork in your career path.  You have a choice of taking your life down one of two directions.

You cannot take a single step farther without making an irrevocable commitment to one of the two paths. Both branches lead to a possible future.  Both create very different destinies.

One path takes you up the mountain—the other leaves you wandering in the valley.  One path will take you to new heights—the other will keep you in the lowlands.  One path promises light—the other shadows.  One puts you in the glow of the elite few—the other leaves you with the grayness of the masses.  One guarantees the joy of accomplishment—the other promises the seduction of comfort and ease.

One path will show you self-doubt, test your resolve, and make you stronger—the other will leave you soft.  One promises success beyond your widest imaginations—the other will ensnare you in failure.  One has Yeti and scary demons to challenge every step—the other is monster free.

One path has thin oxygen and threatens to suffocate you—the other is comfy cozy.  One offers true hope—the other appears hopeful, but only has deceit.  One preserves for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth—the other sentences us to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.

The choice of which path to take is ours.  We cannot delegate this responsibility.  And if we cower from this responsibility, our fate will be sealed.  I pray we all have the intellect to choose wisely, the courage to take each step with confidence, and the discernment to discover the call from the mountain’s summit.

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