May 25, 2024

Cover Yellow EllowYellow Ellow may be the cutest of all the Color Olors characters.  Author Nina Carothers and accomplished children’s book artist Chris Padovano bring to life this adorable little guy.  Who is Yellow Ellow, you ask?

Yellow Ellow is headed to the cafe. Things do happen that cause a delay.
A girl needs a bandage for the scratch on her knee.
Gold Old needs some help, Yellow Ellow can see.
A dog chases after a fast little squirrel. Yellow Ellow joins the chase to help the dog’s girl.
A baby duck that tries to cross a busy street needs some help. Will Yellow Ellow get to eat?


Every book in the Color Olors series teaches children important life lessons.  This one is about helping others even when it is not convenient to do so.  Click “Add to Cart” to order today from All Star Press – Books that Change Lives

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