Suburgatory another in a line of Trashy TV Shows

“I know why we are doing all this [shopping for new clothes]. It’s because your Mom feels sorry for me.”

“No, it’s because my Mom wants to screw your Dad.”

“Doesn’t your Mom screw your Dad?”


This was the dialog between two teenage girls in the Pilot episode of Suburgatory, the latest trashy televison production from the ABC Network. The show revolves around the life of a young girl, Tessa (Jane Levy), who has moved from the big city to the burbs. Why? Because her father George (Jeremy Sisto) is a single dad who finds a box of condoms — not hers, of course — in her bedroom, and decides that the city is no place for a single father to raise a daughter. So, the two of them move to the suburbs.  Right. That makes sense.

TV show suburgatoryFrom there the stereotypes begin, starting with the mom next door who is “overly” friendly to the new father in town. This despite the fact that the mom, portrayed as a dumb blond who has had more than her fair share of plastic surgery, is married with family. That leads to the dialog presented here between the two girls in the dressing room of a local department store.

With scripts like this, there is little doubt “the family hour” — also known as prime time television — is a misnomer.

You know when a show’s title is mocking a religious term that there isn’t going to be much hope for it, at least from a moral perspective. Being responsible has never been high on the list of television executives, as guys like Chuck Lorre of “Two and a Half Men” fame have illustrated time and time again.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, “purgatory” is a Roman Catholic term for “1. an intermediate state where the souls of those who have died in grace must atone for their sins. before attaining heaven. 2. a place or state of temporary  punishment or suffering.”

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is exactly this type of show that should offend most Americans, whether or not you are a parent.

With titles such as “Suburgatory,” $#*! my Dad Says,” “The Playboy Club,” and “I Hate My Teenage Daughter,” Network television is no longer even trying to hide their agenda. It’s right there in the open for anyone with eyes, ears, and an ounce of common sense.


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Authors, are you using Social Networking?

Are you on Facebook?It is important in this day and age to be participating in the social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is a necessary evil for all aspiring authors who want their name and their books known. The reach is simply too great to ignore.

#1: There are now more than 800 million active Facebook users, with over 200 million added in 2011.

#3: Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other

#8: More than half of Facebook users log in every day – that’s more than 400 million people.

#15: And get this: 98% of 18- to 24-year-olds access social accounts monthly.

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Is $9.99 still the Magic Price for an e-book?

“What ebooks I buy for my Kindle and what I am willing to pay for them has absolutely nothing to do with the price of the device itself.  And to say that it does is ridiculous.  I buy between 20 – 40 books for my Kindle per month.  I am a voracious reader.  Unless a book is by an author that I like enormously I will not pay over $9.99.  I usually don’t buy books that cost even that much.  Period.  I put books that cost that much on my Wish List & check back periodicaly to see if the price has dropped, which usually happens when a paperback edition of the book is released. I don’t read as many mysteries anymore because for some reason that genre has higher prices than any other.  I’m a patient person.  I wait until the price goes down.  Or get it from the library.

Publishers need to realize that by lowering their prices they’ll make more money from ebooks because they’d sell many, many more.  Even old books that were published 60 – 80 years ago are being put out by publishers at $9.99!  Get real.  Once a book is on the publisher’s computers for publishing, the editing and other technical details are done anyway.  The only thing they have to do for an ebook edition is to format it properly.  It’s all digital.  No additional costs for cover art. No cost for warehousing ebooks.  No returns processing for ebooks. No printing costs for ebooks.  And publishers expect us to pay the same prices they charge for hard copy books?!?”


Maverick’s Owner Mark Cuban publishing e-book

Mark Cuban's new ebookRather than working with a traditional publisher, controversial billionaire and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban has caught the wave and is publishing a new book, How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do I, as an eBook through digital publisher Diversion Books.

The content for comes from Cuban’s blog and he figures he can market the eBook to his readers through his blog, Twitter and Facebook. 

Cuban told the Wall Street Journal: “All I have to do is get them to pay attention and hit a link.”