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All Star Press – Books that Changes Lives – is pleased to produce a wonderful series of children’s books, specifically for girls and boys through age 8.

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Goodnight Boone by Yogi Collins     “Goodnight, Boone” by Yogi Collins.

This is a children’s story focused around the popular town of Boone, North Carolina in the nook of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Author Yogi Collins grew up in Boone, NC and, while she loves that the High Country is filled with interesting and quirky people, she is also fascinated by how people end up in this little slice of heaven. A television producer/writer by trade, Yogi again lives in Boone, now with her husband Dan, and two incredible kids. This is her first book, and it has 100% five-star reviews on leading seller,

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Pink Ink's Purpose, Children's book “Pink Ink’s Purpose” by Nina Carothers, illustrated by Chris Padovano

Pink Ink’s Purpose is the first is a series of 14 books, ‘The Wonderful World of Color Olors,’ by author Nina Carothers.  Pink Ink is illustrated by accomplished children’s book artist Chris Padovano!

Who is Pink Ink, you do say?

She is dainty and pink in a fairy way.

Sparkly blue eyes and silky red hair,

Her teddy, he flies with her everywhere.

From a land far away, just out of reach,

She is ready to help and she can teach.

Pink Ink does whisper as she sees fit.

On a shoulder she lands and decides to sit.

No time to spare, she must start her day.

Please listen to what Pink Ink has to say.

Inside Pink Ink’s book you will find,

The purpose she serves and what’s on her mind.

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Red Ed and the True Meaning of Christmas book“Red Ed and The True Meaning of Christmas” by Nina Carothers, illustrated by Chris Padovano

A young boy receives a surprise visitor when Red Ed lands on the wreath outside his front door.  Red Ed teaches this young boy that Christmas is not all about Santa Claus but rather someone much more important.  This is a great gift for the children in your life that you love and care about, and who need to know about the real reason for this holiday.  Order Red Ed and The True Meaning of Christmas today!

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World of Color OlorsNina Carothers’ The Wonderful World of Color Olors previews the first 13 Color Olors characters.  Your child will absolutely love the 13 different colorful characters, such Pink Ink, Gray Ray, Yellow Ellow and more!

This fun 36-page full color book introduces each character in the series to your child.  They can then pick and choose the characters that they love the most.

Welcome to The World of Color Olors, a great place to be. Filled with strange and silly characters, as you will see. Pink Ink, Purple Urple, Orange Range and more. Their world is filled with colors, so let’s explore.

There is Black Lack, Red Ed and Blue Lue.

Come see Gold Old, White Hite and Gray Ray, too.

Brown Rown and Yellow Ellow will make you smile.

Green Reen is a healthy one. Silver Ilver has style.

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Cover_GoldOld_235x286Introducing Gold Old and some of his Color Olors friends.

Gold Old, he has three carts of gold, to take to the bank before 5:00 to be sold.

Down in the mine, Gold Old does go, to bring up the gold from down below.

Although he is strong, he does get tired. A little help from his friends is required.

Purple Urple and Yellow Ellow do lend a hand. Gold Old, he thanks them with gold from his land.

“Do you need some help?” Someone else does ask. Who is this someone that helps Gold Old finish his task?

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The book silver ilver and the cleft palate puppySilver Ilver & The Cleft Palate Puppy

This is the tale of two adorable puppies, Zeus and Mia.

A puppy has been born into Silver Ilver’s home.
He does have a problem that is unknown.

Zeus is the name that Silver Ilver gives him.
He is tiny and weak.  His odds look grim…

This wonderful book benefits The Mia Foundation with every sale!

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Color Olors book Blue Lue CabooseBlue Lue Caboose Saves the Day

Blue Lue is a little sad today.
He waits in line to begin his day.
Color Olors do climb the stairs on his back.
They are headed to town by way of train track.
The coal is lit and has started to burn.
The light turns green. The wheels start to turn.
Red Engine, Black Car, Brown Box, too.
Followed by Green Wagon and Blue Lue.
There is thunder and lightning along the way.
Come read how Blue Lue saves the day.

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Black Lack and the Pesky Cat

This is a great book for any child that is afraid of going to sleep or fearful of nighttime.

32 pages full color; published by All Star Press – Books that Change Lives.

Black Lack, he is the protector of the night. 
He checks to make sure everything is alright. 
Out of the bedroom and into the hall, 
Down the stairs, he decides to crawl. 
Window to window, Black Lack does zoom. 
Fast as lightning from room to room. 
A pesky little cat sure gets in the way. 
“Scat cat, scat,” Black Lack does say.

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Pie Time with Orange Range

Pie Time with Orange Range – FREE Recipe!

Do you have a child in your life that loves to cook or spend time in the kitchen? This book is for them.

This full-color Children’s book is the eighth book in the series and it features an actual pie recipe that you can bake with your child. Great for ages 3 through 8. Who is Orange Range you ask? Nine pies are entered into a contest. A judge will declare whose pie is the best. Orange Range is there and ready to bake the grand apple pie that Sally and her make. Hide and Go Seek is the game that they play, while they wait on their pie that bakes today. As you follow along you, too, can cook, the recipe included inside of this book.

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Cover Yellow Ellow

Yellow Ellow Goes Out of His Way

Yellow Ellow may be the cutest of all the Color Olors characters.  Author Nina Carothers and accomplished children’s book artist Chris Padovano bring to life this adorable little guy.  Who is Yellow Ellow, you ask?

Yellow Ellow is headed to the cafe. Things do happen that cause a delay.
A girl needs a bandage for the scratch on her knee.
Gold Old needs some help, Yellow Ellow can see.
A dog chases after a fast little squirrel. Yellow Ellow joins the chase to help the dog’s girl.
A baby duck that tries to cross a busy street needs some help. Will Yellow Ellow get to eat?

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There is no additional shipping and handling now when you buy 2 books from All Star Press – Books that Change Lives.  S/h on the 2nd book is FREE.


There are more books in the Color Olors series scheduled for production!  Please spread the word about this wonderful series.

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