June 20, 2024

Getting Seen, the ultimate book for job seekers.
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“Getting Seen: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Most Important Document of Your Life – Your Resume” dispels the misguided rumors that run rampant in the typical resume advice. If you want the same old resume advice, this book is NOT for you. If you want to do some pre-resume work and create a tool that immediately puts you in the top 10% of job searchers, read on.

Unfortunately, most resumes are nothing more than lifeless lists of a candidate’s job history. They don’t tell what the candidate has actually done, where he has done it, or why it was important. On the other extreme are resumes that are boiling over with detail, running into 20-25 page, or more! These authors have forgotten that a resume is ultimately meant to get you through the door, not do the interview as well.

This book examines exactly what recruiters, human resources personnel, and hiring managers are looking for in the resumes that they receive each day, and how you can give it to them. If you follow James Hale’s advice, you will drastically increase the odds that you will be seen and that recruiters will call you for a face-to-face interview where you can further wow them with your skills and professionalism.

Hale will show you what employers have come to prefer in terms of resume content, length, and format. These preferences have changed dramatically due to changes in technology and increased resume traffic. The author will also help you understand the function of a resume and the psychological profile of the person who evaluates it.

You will also learn how to present yourself so hiring personnel will see you in the position they are filling. You will have a shine on your resume where the rest of the pile will be dull and lifeless.

In this book you will learn how to present yourself in the absolute best light, but you will stay clearly on the ethical side of the line that so many people cross over by putting together resumes based on what they WISH they had done, rather than the reality of their background.

By putting together a highly targeted resume using the principles in this book, you will beat out the hundreds of people vying for the same job who have been seduced by the temptation to lie their way into a job they can’t handle. The author doesn’t want you to begin your relationship with your employer based on lies and subtle deceit.

“Getting Seen: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Most Important Document of Your Life – Your Resume” will give you the tools you need to land the job you want.

“This is a book that gets to the heart of resume writing and that heart is the idea of using the resume as a teaching tool. I’ve been in the personal development business for almost 20 years and have not come across a better resource for the job seeker or career changer. People pay thousands of dollars for the advice and coaching that is in Getting Seen.” — James D. Smith, Author and President of Iron 2 Iron Equipping

“Fantastic! Getting Seen is a fresh look at the essential task of resume writing. This practical guide gets results! — Virginia Denny, Program Director, Delhi Center for Teaching and Learning

“Getting Seen” Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Resume Fundamentals
Chapter 2: Resume Reconnaissance
Chapter 3: Intermission
Chapter 4: Where Your Resume Goes
Chapter 5: Before You Begin to Write
Chapter 6: Resume Layout
Chapter 7: What to Leave In, What to Leave Out
Chapter 8: The Scanning Test
Chapter 9: Dealing with Biases
Chapter 10: Resume Myths
Chapter 11: Last, but Not Least
Appendix: Sample Resume Analysis
About the Author

“Getting Seen: The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Most Important Document of Your Life – Your Resume” is available exclusively through the Kindle Store at Amazon.com. However, Kindle books can be read on any type of device thanks to both the Kindle Cloud (online reading) and various Kindle apps.

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