May 25, 2024

Secrets to a Great Vacation: Glacier National Park in Montana

Make a Memorable Vacation A Truly Epic One!!!

Secrets to a Great Vacation: Glacier National ParkSecrets to a Great Vacation: Glacier National Park is your resource for the best, unknown gems of this amazing part of the country. One tip alone in this book saved my family over $1,000 on our summer trip to Montana, and another tip within this book was the difference between going to Glacier and missing out completely.

This isn’t a book about Logan Pass or Avalanche Trail or any of the other well-known spots that are packed with tourists. Instead, this book offers 10 awesome secrets that you will be glad you knew on your trip!

Montana’s Glacier National Park is a spectacular destination that features incredible excursions and some of the most memorable sights that summer vacation planners will remember for the rest of their lives. There is a good reason why Glacier has become one of the most popular national parks in the entire country.

When it comes to this national park trip, what you don’t know will hurt you. Glacier National Park in the northwest corner of Montana contains some real hidden gems. This book was written after hundreds of hours of research coupled with first-hand experience of visiting the park with my family.


Glacier Secret #1 – close to one of Glacier’s entrances, this quick side trip offers one of the beautiful and scenic roads in all of Glacier country.
Glacier Secret # 2 – we saw not one but two bear sightings at this unlikely spot. Whether or not you see bears, this is a must-stop on your Glacier park trip.
Glacier Secret # 3 – you could spend a half day here or several days as there is so much to offer.
Glacier Secret # 4 – an ideal location to make your home during your national park visit.
Glacier Secret # 5 – just a few minutes away from the most heavily visited spot in Glacier but most people just drive on by without knowing this is here. Don’t miss it!
Glacier Secret # 6 – another great spot that millions drive right by without visiting.  Two for one here!
Glacier Secret # 7 – guaranteed to save you and your family money.
Glacier Secret # 8 – Glacier is known for this, but many folks don’t take advantage.  Learn how you can, while creating memories you will never forget.
Glacier Secret # 9 – our family of five and party of eight saved about $1,000 thanks to this tip.
Glacier Secret # 10 – the secret that led us to secret #9 and also provided us with invaluable advice and resources to plan our trip of a lifetime.

This book is not a comprehensive guide to Glacier National Park but rather offers advice that you will not find anywhere else. You will get to experience parts of Glacier country that many of the three million annual visitors miss out on when visiting Northwestern Montana.

Experience Glacier by discovering the hidden gems within this guide, and in several cases, avoid the massive crowds as most visitors have no idea these places exist. I wish your family God speed and an epic trip to the Crown of the Continent.

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