July 22, 2024

Publish Your Book with All Star Press

Self-publishing + Marketing = Success for an author.

“Our model is simple.  If you don’t succeed with your book, then we don’t make any money either.” — All Star Press President Richard J. Nilsen

Publishing and bringing a book to market is vastly different than writing a novel. Independent authors who want ‘to do it all’ have to stop the creative process of writing in order to commit the necessary time to publishing their work.

To succeed in the competitive publishing industry, first, an author must know how to publish for the different e-book formats that currently exist and adapt to that changing technology. Second, the author must have a platform and know how to market their book effectively. Unfortunately, it is the rare independent writer who can make a solid living from their passion.

Most authors are not marketers. Marketing your book effectively is not easy for the overwhelming majority of writers. After helping get your book published in the latest e-book formats, we will then provide you a plan for successfully promoting your work. Let All Star Press help you sell more books by reaching your audience in new ways.

Understanding this e-book and print industry is key, and every day our team is analyzing the electronic book market and learning the best practices for targeting today’s e-book readers.

All Star Press LLC offers expertise in the e-book marketplace.  “As consumers embrace a more digital lifestyle, the way they shop and pay for things is changing,” explained Garry Lyons, chief innovation officer for MasterCard. “Today’s consumer should not have to think about the shopping process — when they see what they want, they should be able to get it, as quickly as possible.”

We agree and that is why we have focused on the digital (e-book) market since inception in 2011.   Our mission is to help aspring authors publish in both print and e-book formats, and then successfully promote their finished work. Your book will be distributed for the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and all eReaders.

We want to help your reap the rewards of your hard work, and we also respect your hard work.  All Star Press authors maintain copyright over their work.  We also customize the contracts based on the needs and requests of the author.

Learn more about the publications produced by All Star Press since 2011.

How to Proceed:

Send us a sample of your book. If your work is approved, publishing your book with All Star Press comes at no cost to the author. We can design a cover for your work and format it for all electronic book formats. We are not a vanity book publisher. Those types of “publishing” companies have only one purpose – sell you a marked-up package to make you an author.  It’s a farce, but unfortunately many of these vanity publishers are now large companies, funded entirely on the dollars of aspiring writers. Over 98-percent of authors who go the vanity-publishing route do not make back the money they spent on the publishing ‘packages.’

Our model is simple.  If you don’t succeed with your book, then we don’t make any money either. We have a vested interest in your manuscript if it is chosen to be published.   Contact Rich Nilsen at allstarpress@verizon.net to discuss your needs as an independent author.

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