June 19, 2024

Flag of Spain

Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia is launching an e-book publishing program, entitled “E-books De Vanguardia.” La Vanguardia is Barcelona’s leading newspaper, and the third largest in Spain.

La Vanguardia is starting its program with two free titles, both of which are available in EPUB, PDF and MOBI formats.

Next up are two more books: ¡Adolescente en Casa! (“Teenagers at Home”), a guide for parents living with teenagers, which will sell for €5.99, and another free book, Las 30 Webs Más Relevantes de 2011 (“The 30 Most Important Websites of 2011”).

This is a growing trend as several English-language newspapers, including the Guardian, Boston Globe and Washington Post, have published e-books of varying lengths this year.

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