Tarpon Springs Author and Publisher Release ‘Color Olors’ Children’s Book Series

World of Color OlorsTarpon Springs, FL (PR) November 21, 2013 — The first two books in the ‘Color Olors’ children’s book series are now available through major online retailers.  “Red Ed and The True Meaning of Christmas” and “Pink Ink’s Purpose” are the works of first-time author Nina Carothers and accomplished children’s book artist Chris Padovano.

 Pink Ink’s Purpose is the first in the series of 14 books by Nina Carothers, a stay-at-home mother from Tarpon Springs, FL.  Her Color Olors series was recently picked up by publishing house All Star Press, which is also based out of the beautiful Gulf coast community of Tarpon Springs.

“Although we lived only about a mile apart, Nina and I did not know each other,” explained Richard Nilsen, President of All Star Press. “This summer Nina submitted her work to me and I was blown away by the art work, the concept, and the educational theme found in each book in the series.”

In another local twist, the Color Olors books are illustrated by Chris Padovano of nearby New Port Richey, FL.  Padovano is the illustrator of more than 60 children’s books.

In each book of the ‘Color Olors’ series the child learns one or more life lessons.  In Pink Ink’s Purpose, three important life lessons are illustrated in an easy-to-understand fashion.

“Your child will be captivated by the characters and storylines in the Color Olors books,” explained All Star Press President Richard Nilsen.  “Meanwhile, they will learn important life lessons.  In the Red Ed book, for example, children learn what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.”

 The ‘Color Olors’ books are ideal for children ages 3 through 7.  

The third book in the series, “The Wonderful World of Color Olors” is due out by the end of November, 2013.  This book takes a look at each of the 13 characters in the color-based theme.

“Red Ed and The True Meaning of Christmas” and “Pink Ink’s Purpose” are available through leading online book retailers and direct from the publisher at www.allstarpress.com.

About All Star Press

All Star Press is a print and digital publishing firm based out of Tarpon Springs, Florida with a specialization in e-books.  Founded in 2011, All Star Press is the publisher of 14 books, including “Sleep Great for Life,” “The Road to Recovery” and “Getting Seen.” The firm publishes in both print and e-book formats. Learn more at www.allstarpress.com.


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