StoryBundle to offer ebook bundle subscriptions

Netflix for ebooks? Lifehacker editor Jason Chen has left Gawker Media to launch an e-bookstore called StoryBundle, which is expected to begin in early Spring.

Chen will sell bundles of e-books under a pay-what-you-want plan. He imagines the average price of a bundle will be around $5 in most cases. He is modeling his new company, StoryBundle, after “Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX), Rdio, Steam and indie game bundles”—particularly Humble Bundle for games—that “deliver content without having a bunch of physical stores get in the way.” Chen believes “making things easy to buy, easy to get and easy to consume will be the key to StoryBundle’s success.”

Authors participating in StoryBundle would share in the price of the books selected in the ebook bundle.

Read more about the ebook bundle service at Paid Content.


Using E-Books to Sell More Print Versions

Brick and mortar bookstoresHow do you help brick-and-mortar stores sell books? Throw in an e-book.

That is the idea of one publisher, Algonquin, which began a promotion in 300 Barnes & Noble stores this month that gives a discounted e-book to customers who buy an Algonquin trade paperback. The publisher has planned a similar effort for October, giving customers who buy a hardcover copy of “When She Woke,” by Hillary Jordan, the digital version of the book free.

“We spend a lot of time lately trying to figure out how to sell books in this new world order,” said… [READ THE FULL STORY AT NY TIMES]