Sleep Great for Life – Kindle Book FREE – Final Day Today, June 27

Sleep Great for Life

Sleep Great for Life – Kindle ebook

Author Rich Nilsen‘s powerful book, Sleep Great for Life, a publication of All Star Press, is free this Tuesday through Thursday in the Kindle Store on  Nilsen’s five-star rated book offers 14 critical steps for proper sleep hygiene.

Readers are then provided the crux of the Sleep Great method, which is an easy-to-follow procedure for overcoming various forms of sleep disorders.

Every night millions of people throughout the country suffer with insomnia. It may be difficulty falling asleep, constantly waking up in the middle of night with the inability to resume sleeping, restless sleep in general, or a combination of these difficulties.

Sleep deprivation can spiral out of a control, lasting for months or years while wreaking havoc on a person’s overall well-being and health. It doesn’t have to be that way.

“Sleep surveys indicate that fifty-eight percent of adults in the U.S. experience symptoms of insomnia a few nights a week or more,” explained Nilsen.  ” The impact of poor sleep results in numerous health and personal issues, including depression, increased blood pressure, irritability, difficulty concentrating, lack of desire, just to name a few.”

“The Sleep Great method teaches readers that they do not have to rely on sleeping pills to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis,” continued the author. “I suffered with debilitating insomnia and it wrecked my life. It pains me to see anyone else suffering with a sleep disorder because I know how difficult it can be, how it can affect one’s personal and work life, and the depression it can result. Insomnia is a vastly underrated health problem.”

The book, which is also sold in paperback for $12.97, is available exclusively in e-book format for the Kindle. Beginning Tuesday, June 25 and ending at Midnight on Thursday, June 27, the book “Sleep Great for Life” can be downloaded at no charge. The author asks that readers who benefit from the book leave a book review on Amazon at a later date.

In “Sleep Great for Life”  Nilsen empowers readers to take back their nights and sleep time by teaching them:

  • To correct any of the missing 14 sleep hygiene steps in their life
  • How to get off all sleep medications
  • To spot stress factors that bring about insomnia
  • To understand how to lay a proper sleep foundation for life
  • How to properly attack their sleep issue and overcome it once and for all

Additional information about the book can be found online at  For interested e-book readers, it is available exclusively through for the Kindle eReader, Kindle App, and online through the Kindle Cloud. A Kindle eReader is not required to take advantage of this offer and read the book online.

About All Star Press

All Star Press is a print and digital publishing firm based out of Tarpon Springs, Florida with a specialization in e-books.  Founded in 2011, All Star Press is the publisher of 10 books, including “Sleep Great for Life,” “The Road to Recovery” and “Quiet Spaces: Hearing God’s Call in a Noisy World.” The firm helps independent authors market and publish their books in both print and e-book formats. Learn more at

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