Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns Book Released for 2013

Keeneland 2013 Trainer Book

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A new horse racing guide “Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns – 2013 spring meet edition,” which profiles the most successful horsemen that race in Kentucky, is now available in all e-book formats , including for the popular Kindle eReader. It is the most recent publication of publishing house All Star Press.


Written by author and handicapper Art Parker, “Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns” evaluates the tendencies of successful trainers at the prestigious horse racing meet in Lexington, KY which begins Friday, April 5th. In all Parker dissects the 103 horse trainers who have saddled two or more winners at Keeneland Racecourse over the past six race meets.


This new handicapping and horse racing e-book has been released just in time for the upcoming Keeneland spring meet, which opens Friday April 5. The handicapping guide has been expanded to cover more trainers than ever before. It also includes alphabetical and numerical lists of every winning trainer over the past six meets dating back to the spring of 2010.


We published this informational book in a user-friendly format that could be read on any eReader, smart phone or Tablet device,” explained Rich Nilsen, President of All Star Press and founder of the educational horse racing site, “That way, any horse racing fan can have this book’s information right at their fingertips through the mobile device of their choice. If you are at Keeneland or your local track/OTB, and you are handicapping the Keeneland races, you can easily look up any trainer. You can see how they’ve won in the past, and if the horse they are running today fits a similar profile.”


Utilizing his personal handicapping database, author Art Parker analyzed the winning trainers at the Keeneland meets over the past three years to uncover familiar winning patterns. The belief, which is held by many successful horse racing handicappers, is that trainers follow similar patterns when winning.


“Only 47 trainers have accounted for nearly 70 percent of the winners since 2010,” explained Nilsen. “Knowing how these trainers win is critical to selecting winners at Keeneland.”


“Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns” includes several bonus handicapping articles: “You Learn More When You Lose than When You Win,” “What’s Your Handicapping Routine?” “The Key Factor that handicappers need to know about the All-weather Surface” and an analysis of the “Turf to Synthetic surface switch.”


“Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns – 2013 spring meet edition” has just become available in all e-book formats, including PDF, and is available through retailers such as for the Kindle eReader and Kindle Fire. It is the only handicapping book specifically about Keeneland that is available to Kindle users.


To learn more about “Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns” interested horse racing fans can visit Click here to download the book instantly to any PC or mobile device.

New Book for Horse Racing Fans – Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns 2013 Spring Meet edition

The 2013 Spring Meet Edition of “Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns” is now available in e-book form from publisher All Star Press.

Handicapper and author Art Parker has put trainers, Keeneland, and the past six meetings together (3 years) to try and have the best results possible for the upcoming spring meet at the Kentucky track that opens in early April. The book’s focus is on the trainers that do more than show up and win a race. Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns details the individuals from the last six meetings that were multiple winning trainers. In other words, a trainer had to collect at least two victories to be recognized.

Just how good were the multiple winning trainers? Here are a few facts that validate the importance of these successful trainers.

 Keeneland held 912 thoroughbred races collectively in the Spring and Fall meetings of 2010, the Spring and Fall meetings of 2011, and the Spring and Fall meetings of 2012.

Trainers winning at least 2 races totaled 103.

The 103 multiple winners won a total of 817 races collectively or 89.5% of all races.

Of the 103 multiple winners, 47 trainers won at least 5 races.

Those 47 trainers collected a total of 625 wins or 68.5% of all races.

The details of all 103 trainers and their corresponding victories over the past 6 seasons at Keeneland are presented to handicappers in this book, Keeneland Winning Trainer Patterns. A one-of-a-kind publication.

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