Books That Change Lives on Sale During Rare Disease Month

February 2021 is Rare Disease Month

Two Amazing Books on Sale 

Diagnosis_Rare_DiseaseOne of the main objectives of Rare Disease Day is to bring public awareness of rare diseases to both policy makers and the general public.  Rare Disease Day is every February 28th and the month of February is devoted to raising this public awareness.

In honor of Rare Disease Day during February, Denise Crompton’s “Diagnosis: Rare Disease” and Sheryl Crosier’s “I Am Not a Syndrome – My Name is Simon” are on sale with publisher All Star PressBooks That Change Lives.

Crompton’s amazing book offers a compelling look at 13 families who received the diagnosis no parents ever wants to hear.  Diagnosis: Rare Disease” provides a heartbreaking exposé of what life is like for families that have a member with a rare disease. Crompton details the journey of each family, including her own, who has one or more children with a rare disease called Mucolipidosis.

The stories wade through the erratic diagnosis process, medical muck-ups, endless pain, a plethora of medical appliances and home modifications, special education, multiple hospitalizations and surgeries, unrelenting stress and the ever-present fear of death.

“Diagnosis” is a must-read for medical professionals and front-line workers who wish to learn how to communicate with families in these difficult situations.  Families dealing with a rare disease will recognize themselves in this book that is destined to be a classic in its field.

February 2021 Sale

“Diagnosis: Rare Disease” is on sale this month only for the discounted price of $3.49 (normally $4.97) in the Amazon Kindle Store.  Order the paperback version today for only $15.97 $12.97 plus s/h.

A portion of proceeds from your purchase go to fund scientific research for cures!

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I Am Not a Syndome“I Am Not a Syndrome – My Name is Simon”

Simon Dominic Crosier was born on September 7, 2010, in St. Louis, Missouri. He was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, and lived for 3 memorable months before passing away in December 2010. Despite his disabilities, Simon had a huge impact on all who came into contact with him. Simon’s big, expressive eyes communicated a wisdom that transcended his innocence.

The book is about Simon’s short and meaningful life, his family and his wonderful caregivers. But more importantly, this story documents the Crosier family’s battle to advocate for their precious son. They had to overcome challenges put in their way by the medical community and even extended family members who never valued Simon’s fragile existence.  The hope is that this story will help motivate health-care professionals and anyone else that reads this account.

“We want them to understand that special-needs children are God’s gift to us all,” explains Sheryl. “Their lives possess inherent dignity and value, and they deserve the best care.”

Simon’s book is on sale this month only for the discounted price of $2.99 (normally $3.97) in the Amazon Kindle store.

Order the paperback version today for only $11.97 $9.97 plus s/h.

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“Destined to Be a Classic…”

“Regarding the topic of Diagnosis: Rare Disease, Denise Crompton amply demonstrates two of her important assets: one is the personal experience with ML III in her own daughter and two, her manifest ability to widen the subject and to bring a streamlined report on a number of other patients and families with either ML II or ML III. The book is [destined] to become a classic in the still little known world of very rare or orphan hereditary disorders.” ~ JG Leroy MD. PhD, Professor & Chairman Emeritus,  Univ. Hosp. & Univ. Ghent

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