Ebooks Sales Continue to Skyrocket

Libraries and ebooksAccording to a recent survey from the Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group, sales of ebooks more than doubled in 2011 to $2.07 billion for the US publishing industry.

Digital sales grew from $869 million in 2010. Last year, ebooks accounted for roughly 6 percent of overall publishing revenues. The survey also indicated that the number of ebooks doubled to 388 million, and represented 15.5 percent of total books sold in the “trade sector,”  fiction and non-fiction for adults and children.

The most significant gains for ebooks came in adult fiction, which accounted for 30 percent of revenues. Adult fiction sales were up 117 percent and produced $1.27 billion in revenues last year, the data stated. Contrast with overall sales for the publishing industry which managed a slight increase for the year of 0.5 percent at $13.97 billion.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ebook sales dominate 1st Quarter

According to the London Evening Standard, the publisher of the popular book and movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo had 25% of their ebook sales attributed to that one particular work. Quercus is the publisher of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and their chief executive officer Mark Smith said that he believes all of their e-book sales will make up between 17 and 20% of gross book sales in the calendar year 2012.

“People are buying more because it’s so convenient,” said Smith.

With that said, Smith also explained that the ebook sales do tend to be seasonal, with a majority of sales coming around Christmas time and the subsequent three months.



eBooks Flying High in Korea

The Korean e-book market grew more than five times last year. It stood at an estimated 10 billion won, which is equivalent to 9 million US dollars in 2010, but that number jumped to a staggering 45 million US dollars last year.

“I wanted to read books while I commute, but paper books are too heavy to carry, and I sometimes forgot to bring them with me. Smart phones are too small to read on. But with an e-book reader, I can read many books whenever I want.” – Korean student

And ebooks sales in Korean are expected to at least double, or even triple this year if analysts are correct.

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Micro Publisher analyzes growth of e-book sales

Author Walter Shiel has written several books on aviation and history. Shiel, who is also a regular blogger, takes a close look at his book sales over the last couple of years with a breakdown of each electronic book type, along with a comparision of book sales versus print sales. Interesting stuff for any aspiring author.  Take a gander.

Daily Deals on Kindle Books

Amazon is now offering “daily deals” on Kindle books. Competing against the likes of Groupon, this idea seems long overdue and welcome news to avid readers.

Yes, let’s hope that Amazon continues to offer book deals across a wide range of genres.

Click here for More details on the new Amazon program. Here is a link directly to the Kindle Deals page.

With Creativity Bookstore in L.A. is Bucking the Odds

The Last Bookstore

Located on the ground floor of the Spring Arts Tower downtown, the Last Bookstore is a mix of old and new. It has pillars stretching 25 feet up to a painted, vaulted ceiling; underfoot are intermittent mosaics, all part of the former Citizens National Bank, which opened in its grand location in 1915. The light fixtures are new, created from bicycle wheels by Brad Goldhorn, and high on the south wall flows a sculpture made of wire and old paperbacks created by Mike Piscitello, a student at SCI-Arc.

Tucked under wheel-equipped bookshelves is a new, low stage where bands perform regularly. One of the 15 people who works for Spencer books bands; theater events are also coming up and, Spencer hopes, films. “My dream was to create one giant space where everything I thought was cool would be in one place,” he says. “Hopefully, other people will come in and share it with me.”


Study: E-book Sales Continue to Flourish

kobo ereader  E-book Sales continue to be rock solid according to BookStats, a collaboration between the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG). This first BookStats report covers the years 2008-10. Get the complete details here.

“The BookStats study indicates that the publishing industry is healthy and growing during a time of unprecedented change,” said Dominique Raccah, the founder and CEO of Illinois-based publisher Sourcebooks and the chair of the BookStats committee. “Publishers in every sector of our business have made significant investments in content and technology to better serve their audiences’ needs, and those efforts seem to correlate with the results we’re seeing.”

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