July 14, 2024
Simon Crosier and brother

[St. Louis, MO & Eagle, ID, February 21, 2024] – The Board of Directors of Simon’s Kids, a national network of families and professionals empowering parents to advocate for fair and and equal access to life-saving medical treatment, calls on citizens to be educated on the misinformation surrounding the genetic disorder known as Trisomy 18 (aka Edwards syndrome), in observance of March as “Trisomy Awareness Month.”

WHEREAS, Tabitha Enzminger, a healthy 5-year-old Idaho girl, is living and thriving with Full Trisomy 18, growing and developing skills at her own pace.

WHEREAS, Tabitha is able to access proper nutrition for growth, healing, and development through a feeding tube; and, manage most illnesses from home with medical-grade equipment and oxygen supplies.

WHEREAS, Tabitha recovered quickly from EARLY heart-repair surgery, involving a blood transfusion, intubation, and life-threatening narcotics.

WHEREAS, recent medical studies boast a median age of 16 YEARS for children with Trisomy 18 who receive TIMELY medical interventions.  (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28456396 or 29046387)

WHEREAS, The Support Organization for Trisomy (SOFT) has been recording similar success stories since 1980, the same year that the oldest known individual LIVING with Trisomy 18 in the US was born.  (https://trisomy.org/megan-Hayes-turns-40-years-old)

WHEREAS, Tabitha has BLESSED her siblings with lessons in being patient, tolerant, caring, and compassionate individuals, who do not take life for granted, because life itself is 100% fatal.

WHEREAS, it is scientifically impossible for ANY prenatal diagnosis to be 100% accurate.

WHEREAS, options for life-affirming care are rarely offered as a CHOICE to families.

WHEREAS, statistics are their own self-fulling prophecies, and those who choose to go against “medical expert” dictates can expect to face medical discrimination and passive euthanasia.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EFYxAZRR4c)

WHEREAS, Simon Crosier (of Missouri), with Trisomy 18 and repairable congenital defects, only lived 3 short months, due to prescribed starvation, medically suppressed respiratory drive, and withheld resuscitative measures, all in direct conflict with parents’ expressed wishes and CHOICE.

WHEREAS, parents are the most in-tune with a child’s tolerance and response to interventions, thus have a parental right to sign off on ALL medical decisions, regardless of the child’s perceived neurological capabilities.

WHEREAS, Simon’s Law (or similar statutes), requiring doctors to consult parents on Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) determinations, is only in effect in 11 states.

WHEREAS, The Simon Crosier Act (HR-6344) has been introduced in Congress to amend the Medicaid code regarding DNRs on minors.

WHEREAS, all are urged to protect both mothers and children from being harmed and devalued through misinformation and medical bias!

For further information or media inquires, please contact:  Website:  www.SimonsLaw.org
Sheryl Crosier – Mother of Simon, Founder of Simon’s Law – Sheryl@SimonsLaw.org
Sandi Enzminger – Director of Operations, Simon’s Kids – Sandi@SimonsLaw.org

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