July 22, 2024

One of the things that happens when we feel the blues, is that we lose our inspiration.  We lose our motivation to get things done.  Fast Company put out a great recent article with four steps to overcoming the ‘winter blues.’  The one we really like is the 15-minute project.  Set aside 15 minutes and complete a small task.  Complete a couple of 15-minute tasks, and would be ready for bigger projects.

“When the last thing you want to do on a cold winter morning is draft the PowerPoint presentation for Thursday’s product review meeting, turn to your 15-minute list.

A 15-minute list is a list of tasks that you can do in 15 minutes or less. For example, call and schedule your dog’s annual check-up at the vet, prepare an agenda for your meeting with your direct report, or brainstorm topics for the monthly newsletter. These are easy, quick tasks that you can complete with minimum effort and brainpower.

As you quickly cross items off your 15-minute list, it jump-starts your mojo and productivity. Feeling the warm glow of getting things done, you are now ready to move onto the product review meeting PowerPoint.”   More from Fast Company

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