July 14, 2024

Personal growth expert Joe Martin penned a great piece for Tony Dungy’s All Pro Dad that discusses how we can break the pattern of bad behavior.  We all have a bad habit or two…or three, and there are some effective strategies for fixing these flaws.

Martin writes, “As a mentor, coach, and certified builder of men, the #1 question I get asked by men is, ‘Dr. Joe, how do I stop doing ____________?’

I’ll let you fill in the blank, because the answer can vary from an addiction to watching porn to habitually getting angry. Whatever the behavior is, many men have hurts, habits, and hang-ups they’d do almost anything to stop doing; but they just don’t know how. So, as a recovering porn and sex addict (14 years sober), I tell them the secret to experiencing a behavior change. In order to stop bad behavior you simply need to do this:

Focus on the DO’s and not on the DON’Ts…if you focus on doing the DO’s, you automatically, by subtraction, will have less time to do the DON’Ts…”

Do This to Break Bad Habits – Read the rest of Martin’s article

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