May 25, 2024

Create a listThe American Psychiatric Association has listed the following symptoms to take note of:

Feel sad, persistently, over several days.
Losing interest in activities that you once liked.
A sudden change in your appetite, coupled with weight gain or weight loss.
Difficulty sleeping.
Low energy and persistent fatigue.
Feelings of guilt or worthlessness.
Recurring purposeless physical activity (like nail biting, hand-wringing).
Increased difficulty when making decisions or solving problems.
Thoughts of death or suicide.

Be sure to be on watch for these symptoms and if they occur, it’s important to take action.  For starters, what are you doing throughout the day or week that may be destructive behavior.  Are you letting negative self-talk take hold in your heart?  Are you endlessly scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the social media site of choice?  Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?

It’s time to read an dive into God’s Word daily and start to apply the life-giving principles.

Whatever the issue, fix it.  If you don’t see a noticeable difference quickly, then seek professional help.

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