May 28, 2024

by Rich Nilsen, author of “Sleep Great for Life” ebook

Do you sleep great?Do you often have trouble falling asleep? Do you suffer from insomnia one or more nights per week? There are many things you can do to significantly improve your chances for a better night’s sleep. Here are two easy tips that everyone can start applying right away.


Don’t want to miss that favorite television show that starts at 10:00 p.m.?  Well, that is what DVRs and VCRs are for. DVRs are wonderful in that you can set up a regular, scheduled taping every time your favorite show airs. You can also easily record the remainder of a show if you find yourself getting sleepy. Use modern technology to your advantage. Your sleep is too important.


I am a firm believer that by putting your thoughts to paper, it helps release them from your mind.  It allows you to wake up the next day and, at that time, begin to address the issue(s). Another benefit of doing this is that you will not lose that great idea that you just had while lying in bed!

Make sure you do not go to bed with your mind racing or with problems still pending.  Put them “to bed” for the night, and then you will be able to put yourself to bed – peacefully.

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