May 25, 2024

(reprinted with permission of CommCreative Unified Marketing)

by Myles Bristowe

You get to make your own choices, and you get to invest your time into whatever you decide is most dear to you. So, I ask again, what is your dearest dream??

Today’s Marketing Cookie says that your dearest dream is coming true. Don’t believe me? I’m not making this stuff up. It says it right there in black and white. So, I have to ask, what is your dearest dream?? If you aren’t sure what your dearest dream is, just take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you really take an honest look, it will be easy to see what is dearest to you, because you are living your dearest dream every day. The reflection you see is the product of the choices you’ve made, the daily priorities you set, and the result of what you’ve held most dear in your heart.

You may say, that your dearest dream is to be a published author, but why then have you invested thousands of hours into your xbox games? If you never write anything, then one might argue that being an author is only your second, third, fourth or maybe even your tenth dearest dream. Meanwhile, you have mastered dozens of video games and that book you wanted to write is nothing more than a lingering idea. When you look in the mirror today, you will easily see that your dearest dream is coming true.

Whatever you choose to consistently give your time and attention to every day, is your dearest dream. You get to set your own priorities. You get to make your own choices, and you get to invest your time into whatever you decide is most dear to you. So, I ask again, what is your dearest dream??

When I look into the mirror, I see that my first priority is my marketing career. The first thing I do, when I wake up every single day, is spend two hours writing a blog about marketing cookies. Then, I go to work every day and help big companies with their marketing. Once or twice a month, I travel across the country to speak at conferences about marketing. I’ve written two books about marketing, I’ve been serving on the board for the American Marketing Association (AMA) in Boston for six years and was just elected for my first three-year term on the International Board of Directors for the AMA. There is no way that I could misinterpret my dearest dream.

Once you’ve identified your dearest dream, the next question you must ask yourself is, Do I want the xbox or marketing to be my dearest dream? Shouldn’t my children be my dearest dream? What about my love for acting, painting, or music? What is my highest priority? Well, my friends, you can choose anything in the world to be your dearest dream and I promise that it will most certainly come true. If you’re ever unsure, just look in the mirror.

[Today’s fortune was inspired by Bob Dennis of May’s Landing, NJ. Bob served our country in the coast guard for many years, protecting our shores and saving lives. I first met Bob in the ninth grade, where we attended a tiny one-room high school in Attleboro, MA. In fact, we graduated together, in a senior class of just three. It has been a long while since I’ve seen him, but our friendship always transcends the passing of time.]

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